2000 Honda Insight Hybrid with MIMA for sale in New Milford, New Jersey


Condition: Used
Exterior color: Silver
Interior color: Gray
Transmission: Manual
Fule type: Gasoline
Engine: 3
Sub model: DX
Drivetrain: FWD
Vehicle title: Clear
Body type: Hatchback
Standard equipment: Manual Integrated Motor Assist ( MIMA ) Air Conditioning Power Locks Power Windows,Cassette Player
The Insight was the first mass-produced hybrid automobile sold in the United States, achieving 70 miles per US gallon per its original EPA fuel efficenty rating. The 2000 Insight ranks as the most efficient EPA certified gasoline-powered vehicle ever, with a highway rating of 61 miles per US gallon and combined city/highway rating of 53 miles per US gallon. Based on the Honda J-VX concept car, the insight features optimized aerodynamics and a lightweight aluminum structure to maximize fuel efficiency. The car listed has a lifetime fuel efficiency of 53.8 mpg (thats steadily increasing) over 128,800 miles with an average of 60 mpg in a daily commute and a best tank of 70 mpg. This is a great original mileage first gen 5-speed insight. I have found this first Gen Honda Insight to be a great machine thats fun to drive. The detail on this car shows! The body is very nice, and the paint shines! The 1.0 liter 3 cylinder 67 HP gasoline engine that can run in lean burn conditions and is assisted by the 10 kW (13 HP) pancake electric motor. The electric motor is a flat 3-phase electric drive assist motor that takes the place of a standard flywheel. The Insight uses a series hybrid system, where the electric motor assists the gasoline motor when requested instead of a parallel hybrid system (such as the prius). The electric motor powers the hybrid only when the hybrid controller requests more power. This setup allows a very efficient motor to achieve excellent gas mileage and has extra power from the electric assist. The extra MIMA system really brings out the fun in this car and let you control the Integrated Motor Assist system. The interior is in great condition and the spare tire is filled and the original tools are included. The seats and rugs are in good condition and show normal wear; the steering wheel, dash, headliner, door panels, trunk carpeting, etc have no rips or heavy wear. The tires are 165/65 R14 Michelin Energy Savers and ride smooth at the maintained recommended pressure of 38 psi with plenty of tread. The tires are rated up to 51 psi to boost your maximum fuel efficiency. The door seal rubber is intact, with no rips (around the doors, rear hatch, hood, etc.) Mechanically, everything works on the car. It performs flawlessly, gets into and holds lean burn perfectly, does not leak or burn any fluids at all, and is a super smooth rider. The IMA system maintains the battery charge and discharge exactly as it should. It assists and regens as expected when the MIMA system is turned off. When MIMA is turned on, the stock IMA works as expected until you take control. Two joysticks mounted on the e-brake and stick shift allow you to take over the electric power of the IMA system. In the start-up mode of MIMA, you are able to manually control the IMA system to perform as you want under your control. When you release the joysticks in this mode, the IMA system takes over and works like the stock system. In the other two modes of MIMA, you can program the system to react to changing conditions as you want. A well programmed MIMA system (or PIMA) can produce 70, 80 MPG or better with a little practice. Competitions have produced fuel efficiencies greater than 100 MPG using this system. Using the Manual Integrated Motor Assist (MIMA) and cycling the battery pack helps to maintain the best integrity of the system. The 144 Volt 6.5 Amp battery pack is charged while using MIMA to charge more when coasting down hills and coming up to stops. Regular MIMA charging the pack peaks and equalizes the cells within the pack. This is good for the battery, and prolongs its life and health. The car has the owners manual, two keys, two remotes and a valet key. The clutch and 5-speed manual transmission shifts smoothly and quickly. The accessories work great; the A/C is ice cold and the heat is toasty; the standard equipment is in great condition including the fan, power windows, power locks, turn signals, headlights taillights, all the dash gauges including the three trip meters (A, B and FCD), horn, stock Honda am/fm/cassette stereo, speaker
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Year:  2000